How Our Advocacy Work on Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Parenthood Started


It all started 25 years ago when newlyweds Betty and Manny were expecting their first child. Manny had hoped to be a hands-on father, promising that Betty would not be alone in taking care of the baby still inside her womb and that he would be present during their baby’s birth, even if he can’t stand the sight of blood.

After researching various methods of giving birth, they chose to do it the natural way––without anesthesia. If asked to describe their first birthing experience, it was transformational. 

"Simply put, Betty and I were never the same again after our experience. It’s like a new me and a new her were also born,” shared Manny.

Because their first natural childbirth experience was so positive, two things followed. The first one is that they enjoyed it so much that they repeated it four more times. All in all, they had five natural births in their family.  Secondly, they began to have this passion to transmit, to share, to encourage, and to inspire other expectant couples to also be more involved in their pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood—whether it’s the first child or not.

Their dream and desire to become transformational childbirth facilitators began towards the end of the last millennium. The couple decided to study on their own, enrolling in a medical school and took some units of Obstetrics and Gynecology. They also went under the formal tutorship of an Ob-Gyne friend who also advocated for natural birth. 

As Manny moved on with his career in the hospitality industry, Betty on the other hand pursued to be a childbirth mentor by becoming certified as a Birth Doula under Childbirth International, a global training organization committed to establishing international standards for childbirth education programs and Doula training.  

Then after studying the course and taking several exams and after accompanying mothers in giving birth and taking her final qualifying exams, Betty finally became a certified Doula under Childbirth International.  Now after more than a decade and five children since the day they first dreamed of becoming transformational childbirth facilitators, they feel they are now ready to help other expectants couples or even just expectant mothers to have the most positive and joyful birthing experience in their life.