Your Childbirth Mentors


Betty San Luis, CD (CBI)

As a mother of five naturally born children, Doula Betty is a champion of positive birth and empowered parenthood. She nurtures birthing mothers as a certified doula with Childbirth International (CBI) and empowers expectant parents as the main mentor of Birthing is a Blessing, where she conducts childbirth preparation classes with her husband Manny San Luis. 

She is also a member of Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA), where she is currently finishing her postpartum doula training.


Manny San Luis

Manny is a human resources manager and a certified trainer by profession. He is also a veteran dad of five unmedicated vaginal births. Both he and his wife Betty studied obstetrics for two semesters in a midwifery school. They also underwent a preceptorship program on natural birth with a highly qualified OB-Gyne.

Manny is the main program designer of The Birth Basics Workshop and, together with Betty, they update and develop new programs that will support expectant couples and new parents.