I feel happy because I was able to learn more about my pregnancy and my baby, and knowing that I can be more positive about my whole pregnancy. It’s not all about the fears and anxiety. I like that I don’t feel alone anymore, that I’m not the only soon-to-be first time mom who has fears or questions.
— Jo, The Birth Basics Workshop Graduate

I feel empowered with our pregnancy––that we can make choices to have a positive birth experience. [I learned that] giving birth is a team effort from mommy, daddy, and baby and that there is nothing to fear with childbirth; pain can be accepted and embraced.
— Mabeth, The Birth Basics Workshop Graduate

I feel more knowledgeable, confident, and empowered about the birthing process. [My most significant learnings are] the stages of birth and what to expect at each stage, information about various medical interventions, and how to develop a personal birth philosophy and plan.
— Elizabeth, The Birth Basics Workshop Graduate

The workshop was extremely well organized and presented, would highly recommend to any expecting couple. Manny and Betty are extremely knowledgeable and you can really tell how passionate and experienced they are. The activities were all fantastic.
— Warren, The Birth Basics Workshop Gradate

I felt that I should have taken this class earlier so that I could have prepared more for this pregnancy. I am more confident now because most of my fears, questions, and hesitations were answered. Every part of the workshop is a new learning.
— Maricon, The Birth Basics Workshop Graduate