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The Birth Basics Workshop is a one-day childbirth preparation class designed to empower pregnant couples for birth and parenthood.

This class is filled with the basic information and skills necessary for expectant parents to follow an instinctive and engaging way of birthing. The program is holistic, informative, transformative, and builds a foundation for positive birthing. We will introduce participants to our seven guiding beliefs on childbirth and provide practical tips for expectant parents on how to have a beautiful childbirth experience regardless of what birthing option is chosen.

We adhere to a holistic approach as our model in providing childbirth education. This means engaging the mind, the body, the heart and the spirit of the expectant parents throughout the program. We also balance presentations of practical information with creative, experiential, and introspective learning processes for expectant parents.

We highly recommend it to expectant moms who are at least in their second trimester (13 weeks) of the pregnancy and we encourage the expectant mom to attend together with her partner (husband, friend, or relative). It is open for whatever type of birth the couple intends to have: natural, medicated or cesarean section.



  • To educate, empower, encourage, and enlighten expectant parents for the extraordinary journey of pregnancy, birth, and beyond
  • To prevent or minimize emotionally difficult births through a compassionate, honest, and interior preparation
  • To help participants to understand the power and life-long impact that birthing offers and to see it as a great joy and blessing


Attending The Birth Basics Workshop can:

  1. Offer you practical information on how you can have the birth option that you desire amidst the current obstetrics system being practiced in Philippine hospitals;
  2. Help you see birth from both the perspective of the mother and father as a husband-and-wife team facilitates it;
  3. Help build the mother’s confidence in her body’s ability to give birth;
  4. Teach you about the benefits, risks and alternatives that you have when it comes to medical procedures, thus, you will be empowered to make informed choices; and
  5. Create a special bond between you and your partner and with your baby in the womb.


  1. Our Birth Philosophies  
  2. Birth Art  
  3. The Maternal Anatomy & Physiology of Labor and Birth  
  4. Prenatal Exercises, Breathing and Relaxation  
  5. Stages of Labor  
  6. Natural Comfort Measures  
  7. Birth Plan and Your Labor and Birth Options  
  8. Gentle Birth  
  9. Postpartum Plan

Interested in this class?

We hold this class once a month. Check our complete schedule of upcoming classes by clicking the button below. workshop rates will be given upon inquiry.