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The After Birth Care Workshop is a one-day postpartum and parenthood preparation class designed to give parents the skills, mindset, and confidence to properly care for their newborn.

We’ll help you discover a variety of ways on how to know more about your little one and how to meet your baby’s physical, emotional, and developmental needs while remaining calm in doing so. Its goal is to guide you in your transition from pregnancy to parenthood and teach you how to thrive rather than simply survive early parenthood. The class will explain why baby care starts with self-care, and with the essential information about postpartum recovery, we will help you realize how a mother can flourish after birth rather than deplete.

The After Birth Care Workshop is a hands-on class and it will help build your confidence and readiness to meet your little one. It will also help you to trust your parenting instincts and delve deeper into the first few months of your baby’s life. Lastly, it will cover the specific role of the father or co-parent and how they can be involved and care for the baby.

We highly recommend it to expectant parents who are at their third trimester (29 weeks) of the pregnancy and we encourage the expectant mom to attend together with her partner (husband, friend, or relative). This is so you will be immediately ready once you have given birth to your newborn.



  • To help new parents have a realistic view of their postpartum period, get support after birth, and be guided on how to care for both the new mother and her newborn

  • To impart basic skills and information that are necessary for new parents to ease their transition into parenthood so they will thrive, rather than simply survive, early parenthood

  • To help the mother and father create a positive and beautiful beginning for their new family


Attending The After Birth Care Workshop can:

  1. Educate you as new parents on what to expect after the birth of your baby;

  2. Provide you practical information to ease your postpartum adjustment;

  3. Allow you to get hands-on learning on baby care which can increase your confidence in caring for your baby;

  4. Help you to stay calm while encountering the various challenges in having a baby;

  5. Build the mother’s confidence in her body’s ability to nourish her baby; and

  6. Establish teamwork between the new parents and help nurture your baby.


  1. The Fourth Stage of Labor: Recovery - Your Care after a Vaginal or Cesarean Birth

  2. Adapting to Postpartum Life for the New Parents

    1. Physical, Emotional, and Mental Challenges After the Birth

    2. Self Care After Birth

  3. The Fourth Trimester: Caring for Your Baby

    1. Meeting Your Baby

    2. Diapering

    3. Umbilical Cord Care

    4. Circumcision Care

    5. Vaccines

    6. Nail Care

    7. Taking Baby’s Temperature

    8. Newborn Sleeping and Waking Patterns

    9. Tummy Time

    10. Jaundice

    11. Newborn Reflexes

    12. Techniques to Calm a Crying Newborn (5 S’s – Happiest Baby on the Block)

    13. Infant Massage

    14. Your Baby’s Communication

  4. Breastfeeding Basics

  5. Attachment Parenting

  6. Areas Where Fathers/Co-Parents Can Help

  7. Preparing Your Postpartum Plan

  8. Postpartum Support and Resources

Interested in this class?

We hold this class once every two months. Check our complete schedule of upcoming classes by clicking the button below. workshop rates will be given upon inquiry.